Youth Producers win First Place in NYCLU Freedom of Expression Contest

During the Child Friendly Communities East Harlem after school program, we produced a film about the rights of the child. We interviewed children, youth and adults on the streets of East Harlem, and conducted focus groups with 70 children aged 8-18, and 25 adults. This film, produced by and for youth, has won first place in the New York Civil Liberties Union Freedom of Expression Contest (see for more information about the contest).


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Stanley Isaacs is a neighborhood center in East Harlem.
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2 Responses to Youth Producers win First Place in NYCLU Freedom of Expression Contest

  1. anita mathew says:

    It is clear that across the world adults are not sure when we speak of children’s rights! I think it would be a good idea if rights were explained through using Max neef’s ‘wheel of fundamental needs and then linking thi to why children’s rights are top priority.In India I have been dealing with child participation as we have ratified the UNCRC since 1992 but rights whether it comes to children or even for that matter women is bogged down due to cultural understanding of the meaning of how women and children should be treated in a primarily patrirchal system that affectsmen too as stereotypes causing inequality.An indepth study points out that it must be a parallel move of awareness and group dicussions between likeminded adults who are game to understand the meaning of’rights with children’ to make a breakthrough in getting child participation off the ground as not tokeneistic but as children’s need to express their point of views with no fear or as just a favour.

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